We are using EPA approved cleaning chemicals which are recommended by the CDC for disinfecting your home. We offer multiple social distancing options to ensure we can services your cleaning and remnant needs however you feel most comfortable.

Rug Cleaning and Disinfection - COVID-19

Rug Cleaning and Disinfection 

We’re following CDC guidelines and have adjusted our operations to serve you as safely as possible. The CDC recommends thoroughly cleaning and disinfecting homes, especially soft surfaces like rugs. We are here to make that easy and safe for you. With a high degree of focus and attention to these areas, our team is prepared to help you achieve and maintain a healthier environment. Concern for you, your home or workplace, and everyone in it is our primary concern.

Staff safety measures:

  • Monitoring health on daily basis.
  • Minimizing physical interaction.
  • Wearing personal protective equipment at all times, including disposable gloves, shoe covers and masks.
  • Applying and actively using sanitizer and washing hands following every delivery. 
  • Disinfecting all surfaces in work vehicles regularly
  • Comprehensively cleaning tools after each visit or in-store cleaning to ensure to introduce clean equipment into the next home or for the next rug

How to Schedule:

  • Call or text 781-727-5546 for a quote and availability
  • Schedule appointment for: 
    • Drop off outside at either Marblehead or Salisbury showrooms
    • Curbside pick-up, leave rugs in a safe outdoor location for us to pick-up at scheduled time.
    • All rugs will be cleaned and disinfected within one-week and will be returned in either of the two ways above. 

Thank you for your support and we look forward to safely servicing you!

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